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Let the curls flo

Flo Naturals

Natural Hair Care Products

Flo Naturals was created by master natural hair stylist, Constance Foster,  After years of clientele asking for take-home products they could use to replicate Constance’s salon experiences, Constance formulated the Flo Naturals hair products in 2005. Since then, Flo Naturals has offered women the best of hair care with its patented combination of moisture-retaining and curl popping ability.


Moisture Twist Cream

Flo Naturals’ Moisture Twist Cream is an anomaly of a product: while some products offer moisture but has no curl-holding power and other hair elixirs make curls pop but leave women with dry, parched tresses, Flo Naturals’ Moisture Twist Cream does both.

With our patented combination of all-natural ingredients including Shea Butter to moisturize the hair and aloe to heal and soothe the scalp, is perfect for your favorite twists, braids, and bantu knots. Natural elements that eliminates frizz and in fun, fresh 2 ounce and 8 ounce packaging, Flo Naturals’ Moisture Twist Cream empowers you to let your natural curls “flo!”

FloNaturals Product are made from the love and care I have for hair, as a stylist I felt that my clients deserve the best product that I could find for their hair that would offer them the amount of moisture that was needed for the hair to thrive and grow and have its natural shine and overall healthy glow. After coming up with my formula and having it patented, I decided to call it flonaturals after my Mother Flora, my mom is the driving force behind my career in hair she was my best client when I was in beauty school and continued until I moved away.So in honer of my mother FloNaturals was born in 2015.